Mura Theme Documentation

VCard Theme

The Work page is a special Folder type that will render the child items as an isotope grid. To create the Work Page:

  1. Create a new node type of Folder/Portfolio
  2. Click Publish


Adding Gallery Items Individually

To add a single gallery item: 

  1. Hover over the (+) next to the Work page, and select Add Content
  2. Select File
  3. Enter a Title for the image
  4. Select the file to upload
  5. Click Publish


Adding images using Quick Upload

If you want to add multiple images quickly, you can use Mura's Quick Upload:

  1. Hover over the (+) next to the Work page and select Add Content
  2. Choose Quick Upload
  3. Drag and drop images into the browser
  4. Enter titles for your images
  5. Click Start Upload

Your uploaded images can now be found under the Work folder.


Assigning categories to images

In order for the isotope functionality to work, you will need to add some categories to your Mura site. To add categories:

  1. Go to the Category Manager in the Mura Admin
  2. Create a category called "Portfolio" and add some sub-categories underneith it
  3. Once you have some categories, you can assign your images using the Categorization tab